Liveo Blis|Lid MP

Liveo’s Blis|Lid is the perfect lid for Blis|Form MP blisters to create a mono-material recyclable ready packaging. Blis|Lid MP is offered as a push-through (PT) solution, ensuring easy and safe opening for all types of blisters. Due to the technology used, the push-through force can be modified according to the customer’s needs. With this product, Liveo is able to offer a complete mono PP solution, guaranteeing a high quality and top class product.

Ecoterm Pharma_PurePP_Blister
Blis|Lid MP
Liveo Blis|Lid MP

PP push-through lidding films

  • Push-through solution available with various opening forces
  • Vinyl and halogen free lidding films
  • Processable on standard PVC blister lines
  • Südpack Ecoterm Pharma grade developed for pharmaceutical push-through lidding
  • Ready for RIC5 recycling
  • Ideal product to combine with our PP based “Blis|Lid MP” film products

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