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    Get to Know Liveo Research AG

    Liveo Research AG is a leading global producer of rigid films. We are a research and innovation driven company with a strong focus on finding solutions for our customers’ unique needs. The Liveo Research Group is organized into three divisions:

    • Liveo Pharma Packaging Innovations
    • Liveo Specialty Film Solutions
    • Liveo Cards Solutions

    Our objective is to serve our customers’ requirements in the most cost efficient and innovative way while enhancing shareholder value.

    Our customers are our priority. We strive to deliver the right solutions to everyday problems, enabling our customers to focus on growth and development. Liveo Research cultivates a customer-centric solutions culture that involves all employees while ensuring an ever safer working environment.

    Innovation is key to what we do, whether it’s in relation to new products or new processes and practices. It is our strong belief that this focus on innovation will enable our customers’ success, as well as our own, enhancing mutual trust and reliable, long-lasting partnerships.

    Vineet Mehrotra
    Liveo Research AG

    Who we are and where we came from…

    As one of the leading manufacturers of films and plastic packaging, we develop and implement tailor-made solutions for customers all over the world. Because customer requirements vary widely from industry to industry, we specialize on the unique needs of the pharmaceutical, print, food, and credit and chip card manufacturing industries in three distinct business areas. In this way, we are always close to our customers’ specific needs. With a thorough focus and understanding of these industries, Liveo can quickly respond and  develop solutions that move our customers forward with innovative power.


    Myraplast Staufen GmbH

    • Myraplast Staufen GmbH was founded
    • production volume: 200 tons per year
    • acquired by Alusuisse (1974 integrated LONZA)

    Kunststoffwerk Staufen

    • company name was changed

    Vereinigte Kunststoffwerke GmbH

    • Acquisition of plant in Bötzingen from Pegulan
    • new joint company name
    • production volume: 11.000 tons per year

    ICI Staufen Folien

    • acquired by ICI
    • production volume: 33.000 tons per year


    • Integrated into EVC
    • production volume: 52.000 tons per year

    EVC Rigid Film

    • Integration of EVC members, Vereinigte Kunststoffwerke GmbH and Mazzucchelli Vinyls

    EVC Films

    • EVC Films separated from EVC Polymer
    • Acquisition of PVC-film plant in the USA
    • INEOS market bid for 100 % share equity in EVC

    INEOS Films

    • Acquisition of Adriaplast

    Bilcare Research

    • August 2010: Bilcare acquired INEOS Films
    • December 2010: Name Change to Bilcare Research

    Liveo Research

    • November 2019: Acquired by Lindsay Goldberg
    • Februar 2020: Name Change to Liveo Research

    Leadership Team

    Success is made by humans. In our case, more than 1000 employees around the world including the women and men who have leadership responsibility for our team:

    Executive Commitee – Board

    Vineet Mehrotra


    Executive Commitee – Board

    Axel Steiger


    Executive Commitee – Board

    Christian Gibitz


    Pharma Packaging Innovations

    Andreas Pfefferle

    Business Unit Head

    Specialty Films Solutions

    Thomas Piwowarsky

    Business Unit Head

    Cards Solutions

    Pietro Parmeggiani

    Business Unit Head

    About Liveo Research

    Innovation is the key

    Good ideas are everywhere. We’ll get you on the way and provide optimum support.

    Company Profile

    Developing products that stand for quality and deliver what they promise – that’s our strength.

    Global locations

    We produce in locations around the world, with customer support teams that are there to serve you and build successful partnerships.

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