Who we are

Founded in 1962, Liveo Research is a top global producer of materials for primary packaging in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, as well as special applications such as shrink labels. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, it has production sites in Boetzingen and Staufen (Germany), Delaware (USA), Singapore, and Taicang (China). Liveo Research currently has approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. In addition to a broad product portfolio of packaging materials, the company also offers its customers value-added services like “LiveoOptima” that support them to find the best, sustainable packaging solutions.

Our objective is to serve our customers’ requirements in the most cost efficient and innovative way while enhancing shareholder value. Our customers are our priority. We strive to deliver the right solutions to everyday problems, enabling our customers to focus on growth and development. Liveo Research cultivates a customer-centric solutions culture that involves all employees while ensuring an ever safer working environment.

Innovation is key to what we do, whether it’s in relation to new products or new processes and practices. It is our strong belief that this focus on innovation will enable our customers’ success, as well as our own, enhancing mutual trust and reliable, long-lasting partnerships.

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Leadership Team

Success is made by humans. In our case, approximately 1000 employees around the world including the men who have leadership responsibility for our team:

Executive Commitee – Board

Dr. Carsten Heldmann


Carsten is a successful leader with more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of global manufacturing businesses, in the chemical and plastics industry. He graduated in Chemistry and received a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz. Before joining Liveo Research in May 2020, Carsten was President & CEO of the €1.1bn Food and Consumer Division of Klöckner Pentaplast. As CEO of Kalle group, an international manufacturer of casings for processed meat products, functional food ingredients and sponge cloths, he delivered significant improvements in EBITDA performance and led the successful sale of the company to a new investor. Prior to this, from June 2005 to February 2014, Carsten covered several Executive roles in Fiberweb, a leader in nonwoven fabrics, as Chief Technology Officer, President of Consumer Fabrics supplying the FMCG industry, and finally as President of the Technical Fabrics Division. He also served as an Executive Director on the Board of Fiberweb plc. In his previous roles at Celanese AG, Clariant AG and Hoechst AG he held various positions in R&D and Strategic Marketing.

Executive Commitee – Board

Dr. Oliver Apel


Pharma Packaging Innovations

Andreas Pfefferle

Business Unit Head

Andreas has over 35 years of experience in the plastics and packaging industry and held multiple leadership roles in regional and global sales functions within Liveo Research. For more than 10 years he has been leading our Pharma Business as Global Business Head/MD. With his long standing customer relationships in conjunction with our material and service offerings, he is ensuring continuous top- and bottom-line growth.

Specialty Films Solutions

Thomas Piwowarsky

Business Unit Head

Thomas has over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry with a solid track record in growing and improving global businesses. He holds a degree in Business Administration. Before joining Liveo Research in 2012 as Managing Director and Business Unit Head Specialty Films Solutions, Thomas was Business Director of the 310 Mio.€ Industrial Films Division of Klöckner Pentaplast. In his previous roles at Klöckner Pentaplast he covered several Executive positions as Business Manager and Sales Director in the packaging, labels, cards and graphics markets.

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