Company Philosophy

our mission makes us who we are

Liveo Research Company Codex

Our mission is to be a trusting partner to our customers.
It is important for us to counter ethical, social and environmental influences in a role model function.

The management and employees of Liveo Research are committed…

  • to question and understand the importance of all activities to the environment with the target to avoid or reduce negative influences
  • to meet the expectations of our customers in regards to quality and service
  • to ensure the safety and health of all employees at their workplace at all times
  • to only offer and distribute products that are safe and lawful
  • to determine the relevant interested parties as well as their requirements and to meet the resulting obligations

Our Code of Conduct:

Complete Solutions Provider

Performance and quality at the highest level

You expect the highest quality. We ensure it for you – in all areas. Both in terms of the performance of our products and services as well as with a view to reliable and timely delivery. Because we want you to be enthusiastic about our work. And we do a lot for this: designing processes to be process-optimized, documenting precisely, placing the greatest emphasis on cleanliness, reliably adhering to all legal requirements, and quickly finding the right solution for any problems that may arise.

SupPly Chain Management

Our philosophy of procurement

Liveo Research has a centrally managed, integrated supply chain. Our Procurement Division strives to be the “Best Global Procurement” in our segment. To meet this requirement, we conduct our procurement activities with internationally competitive business partners of all industries and work together with our partners to continuously develop our cooperation.

1. Open and fair procurement
In the procurement of raw materials, equipment and other expenditures, Liveo Research purchases from suppliers with an attitude of fairness and equality in conducting its
procurement activities, wether in Europe or abroad.

2. Development based on mutual trust and reliability
The cornerstone of mutual success is mutual trust. In order to maintain and promote this, we share our success with our partners and work with them on the solutions for the future. We strive to build and maintain a continuous, open relationship through communication and sharing of vision and values.

3. Promotion of green purchasing
In order to promote the trend of environmental friendly production we work together with our business partners to find new ways of optimization of ecological impacts on the supply chain and the carbon footprint of our products.

 4. Legal compliance
In our procurement, we observe the relevant laws and regulations and require these also from our business partners.


Our Supplier Code of Conduct:

Regulatoy & Quality Management

Systematically tested processes

At regular intervals, we take part in industry-standard audits to prove that Liveo Research delivers reliable quality. For example, we are certified according to these standards:

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