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Contributing to a better and more sustainable packaging industry

Our Sustainability Strategy

Here at Liveo Research, we know that pharma packaging plays a critical role in helping to deliver medicines around the world and improving the quality of peoples health. The right packaging keeps the pharmaceutical drug effective and safe by protecting it from the harmful effects of agents such as oxygen, water vapor, or light. In doing this, patients can be confident in the safety of the medicines they are taking.

Our Sustainability Pillars

We are committed to contributing to a better and more sustainable pharma packaging industry. For this reason, we have created a sustainability framework consisting of three pillars to help us fulfill our sustainability agenda.

The United Nations Member States created 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a global partnership. As a global company, we support these goals and are working to pursue them together with other stakeholders.

We are determined to reduce our carbon emissions and minimize the use of natural resources. To this end, we are reducing our energy consumption, water consumption, and our production waste to help ensure a sustainable supply chain.

We make a difference for our people. Health and safety and the well-being of our people are important to us. Diversity, gender equality and inclusion are a living part of our everyday business. We are listening to our employees and develop career opportunities for them.

We aim to be best in class in our industry in waste reduction and material recycling. The further development of our product portfolio is essential for us. We want to offer the best product solutions for our customers and help them to optimize their resources. Recycling is considered in every one of our product solutions.



The earth, as our basis of life, is threatened by climate change. We must all contribute to stopping this development as this is the only way to keep our planet safe for generations to come. At Liveo Research, we are reducing our carbon emissions and minimizing our use of natural resources by improving our processes, investing in more efficient machines, and increasing our green energy usage. In addition to CO2 emission, water scarcity and pollution have become critical threats to human well-being and biodiversity. Improving our use of water is of high importance and is a key point of our agenda.

These are our fields of action:

  • Reduce energy consumption and enhance green energy sourcing
  • Zero production waste-to-landfill
  • Reduce water consumption
  • 100% of top 100 suppliers with signed code of conduct and audited in ESG relevant topics


We are proud of our team and keeping it safe is our priority. At Liveo Research we recognize how important diversity and equality are in order to create an environment where all employees can contribute and grow together. Liveo Research’s team is comprised of individuals hailing from many different countries and backgrounds and this diversity enriches our everyday work through the wealth of experience and viewpoints in our company. By supporting local initiatives, we give something back to society. People make the difference and we want to make a difference to our people.

These are our fields of action:

  • Best in class in safety and high employee engagement
  • A truly diverse, equal and inclusive company
  • Empowering career development
  • Social impact, give back to society by implementing local projects every year


Plastics are part of our lives. We are convinced that long plastic durability is an advantage if the right processes and products are selected. For this reason Liveo Research is deeply committed to developing new solutions that facilitate the recycling of the materials without compromising the packaging performance. As a result, materials can contribute to the circular economy, reducing the consumption of energy and resources while closing the loop to new products. Our Specialty Films Solution division has developed several eco grades with recycled content from post-industrial and post-consumer origins.

A comprehensive sustainable packaging portfolio from Liveo Research ensures that the best solution is available for each individual customer need. Our Liveo Research Services Program enables our customers to “Cut the Waste” by determining the optimal material, thickness and geometry for their drug packaging. This avoids over-packaging while ensuring our customers can meet their pharmaceutical drug shelf-life needs.

These are our fields of action:

  • Recycled input materials: Post-industrial, post-consumer, mechanical and chemical recycling
  • Minimize resource consumption: Right materials, right design
  • New product alternatives: Halogen-free materials, improved recyclability, bio-resin

Liveo Research –
your partner for sustainable solutions

It goes without saying that the right choice of material is a key element to meeting the upcoming legal requirements and we are at the forefront of creating sustainable packaging. However, if you look at the entire process of creating a new packaging for your products there are many steps that are anything but lean.

Take a widely occurring waste: when a packaging is larger than needed you lose money and most important too many extra resources are used for its production. But how can you make sure that the smaller size does not negatively impact its proper use? This is where our unique expertise comes in. The Liveo Research Services Program is a comprehensive program based on science and in-depth application know-how – and our team of engineers will work closely with you to find solutions that are not only safe but also sustainable and cost-efficient.


  • No over-packaging
  • No expensive trial & error
  • No overlong product development cycles

At a glance: Our focus measures to provide added-value



Our German subsidiaries are EMAS-certified. With this eco-management and audit-scheme, we systematically improve our energy and material efficiency and reduce harmful environmental impacts and environment-related risks.


EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of sustainability ratings, evaluates companies’ performance in four main categories: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. Our PPI sites achieved Platinum and Gold medals, and ranked among the top 1% of the companies in our industry. 

Memberships and collaborative initiatives

Sustainability goals cannot be reached by any one company by itself. We all need to join efforts to be able to reach outstanding results. For this reason, we are partnering and collaborating throughout the value chain (suppliers, packaging machine manufacturers, customers), as well as technical institutes, consortiums and associations, to move faster and further towards our common sustainability goals.

Together with Sustainable Medicines Partnership, we aim to reduce the waste of medicines and medicines packaging.

Together with Circular Plastics Alliance we are woking on various innovative projects in recycling and sustainability.

We are a Platinum Member of the RecyClass Initiative, aiming to promote packaging recyclability and develop a coordinated approach for the use of recycled materials.

We are an active part of the sustainability program of VinylPlus, working on the sustainable development of PVC as well as possibilities for product recycling.

We report to CDP, a not-for-profit charity, which runs the global disclosure system for companies to manage their environmental impacts.

We are a member of Petcore Europe, the association that represents the complete PET value chain in Europe, from PET manufacture to conversion into packaging and recycling, and other related activities.

As a „Pharma Deutschland“ member company, we contribute to the securing of the supply of medicines in Germany. Furthermore, Pharma Deutschland is supporting research projects on sustainability and recycling.

We are a member of Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), the industry association aiming to transform Europe into a more circular and resource-efficient economy.

We report to Manufacture 2030, which provides us with the best practices for reducing waste, carbon footprint, and water consumption.


If you do have any questions or need further information regarding our sustainability activities please contact


Responsible, qualified and transparent management is our key to long-term sustainability. We do have policies in place to which we adhere in order to achieve our goals.

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