Liveo Blis|Form MV

Liveo’s BlisForm MV is the industry-preferred thermoformable rigid PVC film for pharmaceutical blister packs. BlisForm is manufactured with Liveo’s proprietary PVC film formulation for optimum machinability and reliable layflat blisters.

BlisForm MV is available as a Homopolymer or Copolymer specification, in transparent or opaque colors with UV absorbers for light protection. Improved surface slip is also available. BlisForm is recommended for non-hygroscopic products.


Blis|Form MV
PVC - Homopolymer
Liveo Blis|Form MV

One-layer ridgid PVC for standard cavities

  • BlisForm Homopolymer PVC film is recommended for standard tablet applications at normal machine speeds and forming temperatures
Blis|Form MV
PVC - Copolymer
Liveo Blis|Form MV

One-layer rigid PVC for complex cavities

  • BlisForm Copolymer PVC film provides improved thermoformability at lower temperatures and increased machine speeds due to the lower vicat softening temperature
  • BlisForm Copolymer is a great specification for more complex cavities with a higher degree of formation

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