Liveo Blis|Lid MA

Liveo’s Blis I Lid is the perfect liding for Blis I Form blisters to achieve a mono material recyclable ready packaging. PET Blis I Lid is offered for both for peelable (PL) or push through (TL) solutions ensuring an easy and safe opening for all kind of blisters. With this product Liveo is able to provide a full mono PET solution ensuring a high quality and top class service to our customers.

Blis|Lid MA
Liveo Blis|Lid MA

Highly transparent PET lidding films

  • Available as peel or push-through solution
  • Vinyl- and halogen free lid films
  • Processable on standard PVC blister lines
  • High machine efficiencies comparable to PVC/Alu blister production
  • Ready to be recycled in RIC1
  • Ideal product to combine with our PET-base film products “Blis|Form MA”

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