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Liveo Research AG introduces sustainability strategy


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Basel, August 6th, 2022 – Liveo Research AG today introduced its sustainability strategy, which is focused on three strategic areas: Planet, People, Products. The company is committed to contributing to a better and more sustainable packaging industry, both in specialty films as well as pharmaceutical packaging overall. These three key areas are of equal importance to Liveo Research and the company has committed to delivering specific results tied to these areas over the coming years, against which it will measure itself. In addition to reducing its carbon emissions and use of natural resources, Liveo Research aims to be a leader in the industry when it comes to waste reduction and material recycling. The company also views the development of new alternative product solutions to be just as important as how its employees work and grow together. Membership in several important sustainability associations helps Liveo Research to achieve its goal more quickly and in a more targeted manner. Liveo Research is convinced to be more effective as a group than as individual fighters. The same applies to its suppliers and other industry partners, with whom the company works together on solutions for a more sustainable future. To ensure that the focus is on target achievement, the sustainability targets are integrated into the business strategy process. To learn more about our sustainability strategy please visit our website at:

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