Liveo Blis I Form MA

Liveo’s Blis I Form MA is the new A-PET alternative for pharmaceutical blister packs with a low barrier requirement. Blis I Form is manufactured with Liveo’s proprietary PET film formulation for optimum machinability and reliable layflat blisters.

Blis I Form MA allows to have an halogen free formulation while keeping transparency and high efficency on the lines. In addition when combined with Blis I Lid a mono A-PET blister ready to recycle in RC1 can be achieved both with peelable and push-through solutions.

Blis|Form MA
Liveo Blis|Form MA

Highly transparent PET films

  • Processable on standard PVC blister lines
  • High machine efficiencies comparable to PVC/Alu blister production
  • Vinyl- and halogen free blister film solution
  • Ready to be recycled in RIC1
  • Ideal product to combine with our PET-lid film products “Blis I Lid MA” to obtain a mono-material blister solution

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