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Liveo Research Italy and SANITIZED AG partnered to develop an overlay film for cards market with antimicrobial material


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Liveo Research S.r.l. Italy, a major supplier of PVC materials to some of the world’s largest card manufacturers, and Swiss antimicrobial expert SANITIZED AG have partnered to offer an overlay film with built-in ANTIMICROBIAL material protection produced with a highly optimized and scalable manufacturing process. Liveo Research S.r.l. is the exclusive provider offering PVC foils with the quality brand Sanitized® for antimicrobial card solutions including keycards and financial cards.

Liveo Research is a global manufacturer of rigid packaging solutions focusing on pharma packaging innovations, specialty films and card solutions. With around 1,100 employees across five locations worldwide, Liveo is generating annual sales of more than 350 million euros.
“We are excited to collaborate with SANITIZED AG, a pioneer in the field of antimicrobial material protection, to promote and roll out a permanent protection of the card’s surface, allowing longlasting and wid use of them also in this difficult time of COVID outbreak”, says Managing Director at Liveo Research, Pietro Parmeggiani.

Speaking on the partnership Michael Lüthi, Head of Business Unit Polymer Additives at SANITIZED says, “the expertise of the market and innovation leader Liveo Research combined with the expertise of SANITIZED and our ingredient brand will in this case add up to much more than the sum of both. We are happy to be part of this innovative hygiene solution for frequently used and touched cards”.


Swiss antimicrobial expertise since 1935 SANITIZED AG is a Swiss specialist that leads the world with its material protection and odor management strategies for textiles and synthetic materials. Active worldwide, the company has been blazing trails for 85 years to develop innovative antimicrobial additives and active ingredients free of biocide.
SANITIZED Preservation AG, a company belonging to SANITIZED AG, specializes in antimicrobial protection of paints and varnishes.Both companies provide one-of-a-kind support services for customers, assisting them throughout the application process for the additives, while also aiding in marketing and helping with technical and regulatory issues.
Sanitized® is an ingredient brand that is used and held in high regard around the world. It is used on the final products of over 300 brand manufacturers.
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