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Liveo Research expands Product Portfolio with Polypropylen Film


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Basel, May 18th, 2022 – Liveo Research AG is adding a polypropylene (PP) film to its range of high-quality barrier films for pharmaceutical applications via a cooperation with Südpack Medica AG. The company is thus further expanding its philosophy of a one-stop-shop approach.

The demand for sustainable, alternative film solutions in the pharmaceutical industry is continuously increasing. The products used, based on PVC, PET and PP, all have advantages and disadvantages in terms of recyclability, “carbon footprint” and processability. To meet the requests of its customers, Liveo Research is pursuing all three materials with high intensity.

In this context, Liveo Research announces a cooperation with Südpack Medica AG, which includes joint development, sales and technical application advice to customers for PP films in the field of pharmaceutical push-through packaging.

Liveo customers now have the opportunity to purchase the blister films they prefer for their applications from a single source. The existing portfolio of PVC, PET, PVDC, Aclar, AquaBa and Cold Form films is ideally complemented by the PP film produced by Südpack, thus covering all barrier requirements. Based on this product range and Liveo Research’s many years of experience, customers are served exactly according to their needs in terms of barrier, processability and sustainability targets.

In addition, this year’s Liveo theme for Pharmapack 2022, “Cut The Waste”, clearly underlines the advantages of Liveo Optima Services, which achieve a positive cost-benefit effect for the customer when choosing the optimum blister material in terms of materials, time and costs.

Liveo Research’s many years of expertise in the pharmaceutical sector and Südpack Medica AG’s extensive experience with PP films ensure high reliability and excellent product quality.

The topic of sustainability in the area of pharmaceutical primary packaging is very demanding. Excellent cooperation within the supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry is crucial for this. The cooperation with Südpack underlines this strategy of working together with suppliers, customers, machine manufacturers and other market participants to meet the challenges of a changing market in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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