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Liveo Research Announces 20.000 tons Capacity Expansion for Coated Barrier Films to Significantly Expand Pharma Packaging Business


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Switzerland-based Liveo Research Group, a leading manufacturer of high-performance barrier films used for blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, has announced a 20.000 tons capacity expansion to its existing coating capabilities in Boetzingen, Germany. With this investment, Liveo will underpin its strong market position in high barrier products. Its three production-lines, based in Germany and Singapore, will enable Liveo Research to provide enhanced security of supply to its customers in the Pharmaceutical industry.

The coating technology creates products with superior barrier properties against moisture and oxygen, which has become increasingly important with the application of more sensitive drugs in hot and humid regions. The high capacity new line will be state-of-the art, including proprietary coating technology that allows Liveo Research to produce very high-quality products, extremely efficiently. Following expected commissioning in Q3 2021, the total capacity will reach over 50.000 tons. The investment will also include a new building equipped to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s highest hygiene standards. Liveo Research had already commissioned a new slitter in June, and the addition of two more slitters will provide even more flexibility to address customer needs and reduce lead times.

Andreas Pfefferle, Head of Liveo’s Pharma Packaging Innovations business unit, said: “We have been growing this market very successfully over the last couple of years in response to our valued customers’ demand to get the very best balance of performance and cost. With supply levels already stretched to meet the global demand, this expansion is absolutely the right step to enable us to provide our customers with superior quality, excellent service and shorter lead times. It will be a key enabler to continue our growth story.”

Dr. Carsten Heldmann, CEO of Liveo Research, added: “I’m really excited about this important step as it will propel Liveo to the next level of growth and support our customers with an even higher security of supply, high quality and innovative products. I’m also grateful to our shareholder Lindsay Goldberg for supporting the project and the rapid decision-making process.”

Thomas Unger, Partner at Lindsay Goldberg Vogel and Chairman of Liveo Research, said: “When we acquired Liveo Research in November 2019 we envisioned this investment as a key step in our strategy for the company to significantly grow the pharmaceutical business. Hence, we are delighted that we could enable Liveo Research to this major investment”.

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