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New name – Bilcare Research is now Liveo Research


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Following the acquisition of the Bilcare Research Group by investor Lindsay Goldberg in November 2019, the company has now changed its name from Bilcare Research to Liveo Research. The renaming on February 1,2020          will initially affect the companies in Germany, Italy and the USA. The locations in Singapore and China will follow         on April 2, 2020.

“We are pleased that, through our new partner Lindsay Goldberg, we are able to take advantage of the growth opportunities which lie ahead,” said Vineet Mehrotra, CEO of Liveo Research. “Under our new name, we will strengthen our core competencies and grow new businesses with the support of Lindsay Goldberg and their focus on medium and long-term growth through value-oriented buy-and-build strategies”.

About Lindsay Goldberg:

Lindsay Goldberg is an investor focused on partnerships with family offices, founders and management teams. Founded in 2001, financial investor Lindsay Goldberg manages more than USD 13 billion in equity and adopts a relationship-oriented approach, focusing on a collaborative investment model supported by a global network of affiliated partners. Lindsay Goldberg and his German partner, Lindsay Goldberg Vogel GmbH, have many years of experience in the top management of industrial and service companies and focus on a value-oriented and sustainable development of the acquired companies.                                                                   

About Liveo Research

Liveo Research is a global manufacturer of rigid packaging solutions with five locations worldwide. For over 50 years, its manufacturing and product innovation activities have focused on customer-focused solutions for the pharmaceutical, printing and label, security and credit card industries worldwide. The company employs around 1,100 people and generated annual sales of more than 350 million euros.                                       

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