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Liveo Research Group signed the Declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance

Liveo Research Group signed the declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA). With signing the declaration, we confirm the EU Commission’s goal of using ten million tonnes of recycled plastic in new products by 2025. By joining the CPA, we want to set an example and further deepen our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

“We are pleased to have signed the declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA). Supporting the value chain is a central part of our voluntary commitment,” said Carsten Heldmann, CEO of Liveo Research.                                                                                      “It is also good to see that interest in sustainability is also growing at other companies, because well over 200 companies have already signed the CPA declaration”.

About the Circular Plastics Alliance:                                                                                                                                                        The Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) was established, supported by the European Commission, to promote the use of more recycled plastics in Europe through voluntary action. As part of the European Plastics Strategy, the European Commission has called on industry to process 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics into new products by 2025. As things stand today, this corresponds to around 20 percent of the total plastics processing in Europe.

 About Liveo Research                                                                                                                                                                                 Liveo Research is a global manufacturer of rigid packaging solutions with five locations worldwide. For over 50 years, its manufacturing and product innovation activities have focused on customer-focused solutions for the pharmaceutical, printing and label, security and credit card industries worldwide. The company employs around 1,100 people and generated annual sales of more than 350 million euros.                                                                                                                                                      

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