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Liveo Research doesn’t play games when it comes to providing a quality film for professional and home playing cards. Liveo SICOPLAY is a resilient monolayer PVC film that is highly scratch resistant and easily printable on both sides, creating an excellent branding opportunity for customer giveaways, branded family games or high stakes poker/bridge games. SICOPLAY is available in different textures, as well as degrees of rigidity and opacity to fulfill customer demands. World famous casinos seek the highly opaque SICOPLAY to offset the bright, intense casino lights and. The SICOPLAY surface runs well on random ejection shufflers.

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PVC film

PVC film 

  • White PVC films
  • Outstanding printability on both sides
  • Rough paper contact surface
  • High scratch resistance
  • Precise cutting tolerances

The Liveo +

  • Direct contact with the customer
  • First choice for innovative solutions
  • Technical and sales team fully dedicated to the cards market
  • Wide product portfolio
  • Passion and flexibility
  • Continue improvements to become the most efficient producer of high quality products

Quality and Regulatory

  • High quality cards film....
  • High quality cards film....

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