Films for IoT and GSM cards

As the world becomes more interconnected with instantaneous IoT/ M2M and radio capability communications, IoT SIM and GSM card manufacturers rely on Liveo Research SICOSMART film for durable cardstock that ensures smooth and reliable information transfer. Liveo’s SICOSMART cardstock is utilized globally for  SIM standard smartphone/cellphone SIM cards to the more demanding, robust cards required for “Machine to Machine” (Internet of Things – IoT) networks. Liveo’s SICOSMART film is known for its superb quality and tight tolerances, and its excellent printability on both sides. SICOSMART is available in several formulations of PVC or ABS-PVC to meet unique performance requirements. It can be ordered in a variety of colors and can be embedded with industry standard chips in all desired shapes.

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PVC core films

Excellent core films, white and coloured, for high end applications

  • White and colored PVC films
  • Excellent quality and tight tolerances
  • Excellent printability on both sides
  • Several formulations available

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