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health cards

Liveo Research’s SICOSMART film is ideal for government issued personal identification cards that require a long life of 5 – 10 years. The durability of SICOSMART make it an excellent choice for driver’s licenses, passport data cards, car registrations, and voter and health ID cards.

SICOSMART film can be used for very simple structure cards such as contact card swith magnetic stripes) to the most complex card structure, a contactless + Chip+hologram+OVI/invisible inks+MLI/CLI logo). The properties of Liveo’s SICOSMART makes it flexible for any use. SICOSMART films are easily printed on both sides, giving card manufacturers the ability to personalize the cards with all the newest technologies available including inkjet, tactile/non tactile effect laser engraving, retransfer printing.

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PVC core film

Excellent core films, white and coloured, for high end applications

  • White and colored PVC films
  • Excellent quality and tight tolerances
  • Excellent printability on both sides
  • Several formulations availble designed for long life cards (5-10 or more years)
PVC overlay film

High transparent PVC overlay, smooth roughness for easy lamination

  • High transparent PVC external protective layer (overlay)
  • Excellent flex perfomances
  • Smooth roughness for easy lamination
  • Coated or uncoated
  • Different coating types available
  • Laser engraving version available

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