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Films for financial cards

Virtually every wallet in the world has at least one financial card. Some consumers have 3 or more and the number is growing. For financial/bank cards, whether it be debit, credit or prepaid, practically every consumer will have a highly secure payment card readily available. These cards can be a very simple structure, such as a contact card with magnetic stripe or be the more complex Dual Interface that includes contactless and chip transaction capabilities. The major financial card companies battle for top of wallet by ensuring their cards are made from durable Liveo Research film formulations.

Liveo’s extensive product line of SICOSMART , SICOOFFSET and SICOREG, SICO-R, SICOECO, SICOPLAST provides the right financial card film for the right application. Liveo provides reliable SICO films for color popping cores as well as specially formulated overlays that can be fully printed, personalized and embedded with all the latest technology including biometrics and circuitry. Liveo financial card films provide excellent printability on both sides for dynamic branding and personalization via inkjet, 3D effect, tactile effect, and laser engraving.

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PVC core film

Excellent core films, white and coloured, for high end applications

  • White and colored PVC films
  • Excellent quality and tight tolerances
  • Excellent printability on both sides
  • Several formulations available
PVC film

White and transparent films

  • White and transparent PVC films
  • High quality and tolerances
  • High printability on both sides
  • Digital printing version
  • Several formulations available
Degradable PVC films

Degradable white and transparent PVC films

  • White, transparent and colored
  • Printable on both sides
  • External protective layer (overlay) available (coated or uncoated)
  • Several formulations available

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