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Capsule Films

At Liveo Research, we produce an optimal selection of PET-G films for the manufacture of capsules. These films are distinguished by outstanding optical properties, excellent layflat and consistent transversal shrinkage. They are excellent printable by using flexographic, rotogravure and rotary-offset printing processes. Liveo Capsule film solutions are available in transparent clear and white to complement label branding.

Our films ensure the best results for applications like:

  • Bottle capsules
  • Tamper evident closures
  • Multi-packs
  • Simple shaped sleeve applications
Transparent PET shrink film

Transparent PET shrink film

Liveo T11 is a transparent PET-G film with high shrink properties providing a uniform shrink, properly positioned, with no wrinkles or distortion for a quality appearance.

  • Transparent clear high shrink film (transversal direction oriented)
  • Thickness range: 50-75µm
  • Available as “glossy/glossy” surface finish 
  • High solvent and medium impact resistance
  • The standard film for wine and olive-oil bottles
  • Excellent printable in combination with hot or cold stamping to increase shelf appeal of the product

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