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Bilcare Research inaugurates its first legal entity in China: Bilcare Research (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Bilcare Research is delighted to inform about the foundation of its legal entity in Shanghai. This is another step to be closer to their Chinese customers. Bilcare Research (Shanghai) is able to provide local sales, services and technical support to Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

Bilcare Research offers the global Pharmaceutical industry highest quality of all available barrier films with the same properties and specifications – wherever customers are located. Besides packaging materials, Bilcare Research offers its expertise in packaging design and drug delivery systems: From Packaging to Blister Solutions. – Innovation is in our DNA. Bilcare Research Chinese technical and commercial team are able to quickly response and provide support to their customer to fully utilize Bilcare Research technology, products and services like Bilcare Optima™. Bilcare Optima™ identifies drug’s optimal packaging materials while balancing cost and barrier-protection requirements, avoids trial-and-error approach to drug testing, and therefore, significantly reduces time to market and stability test costs.
The production sites for pharmaceutical blister packaging films deliver uniform quality – whether produced in Europe, US or in Asia. The acquisition in coating capacity in Asia, the recently finalized installation in a new laminator in US and as well as the capacity increase in Europe are part of a strategic investment program and show the dedication to the Pharmaceutical industry.
“Building up Bilcare Research (Shanghai) shows Bilcare Research’s focus on its customers producing in China or for the Chinese market already” said Andreas Pfefferle, BU Head Global PPI. “We are also looking forward to providing solutions to new Chinese customers and build up strong relationships with them”.

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