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Bilcare Research Announces Investment in US production of Aclar® laminates

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Bilcare Research Inc., a division of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of blister packaging
solutions, announces an investment into a new laminator at its Wilmington, DE facility. The new
investment marks a significant milestone in offering truly integrated solutions and supply chain
advantages for the global pharmaceutical industry. It will allow Bilcare to offer best in class delivery of
Aclar® laminates for stability packaging, line trial samples as well as full commercial volumes. Bilcare’s
range of Aclar® laminates provides the highest moisture barrier of any films of its type. This investment
testifies to Bilcare‘s commitment to the pharmaceutical sector and the company’s fast response to the
growing customer demand.

Part of the global Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation (PPI) Business Unit of Bilcare Research AG,
Bilcare Research offers a variety of mono and barrier blister films to the pharmaceutical packaging
industry. In addition to manufacturing pharmaceutical blister films, the company also produces products
for other business units of the company.

“This investment in a new laminating line is just the latest component of our continued growth strategy
to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving business models of the global pharmaceutical industry. We
see increased demand across our entire range of Bilcare Aclar® laminates, from both, ethical and generic
pharmaceutical companies,” said Kevin Stevens, President and Managing Director of Bilcare Research
Inc. “The lamination line is a further execution of Bilcare’s strategic investment of €50 Million and is a
natural progression to the industry-specific segregation project for our PPI production. The new capacity
will be fully available end of 2016.”

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