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Bilcare Research AG announces capacity expansion at its facility in Bötzingen, Germany

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Bilcare Research AG has recently announced the acquisition of a new site in Singapore. In addition to
this new production facility in Asia, the company is expanding the capacity at its premises in Bötzingen,
Germany, to meet the demand of the continuously growing pharmaceutical market.

For the domestic markets in Europe, capacity for barrier films has been continuously increased in recent
months. These initiatives are part of an overall investment volume of 50 Million Euro and will be
completed shortly.

„With these initiatives we will not only increase capacity, but will greatly enhance work safety, hygiene
and environmental protection”, said Andreas Pfefferle, Global Business Unit Head Pharma Packaging
Innovations. „The high quality of our pharmaceutical-packaging films is worldwide well established. From
Bötzingen we deliver mono-films as well as coated and laminated films from one production site and
continuously develop the global pharmaceutical films business further.“

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